27 February 2016 (Individual Encounters)

people standing

Á La Mode Messieurs (1628), German Pamphlet (British Museum).





Second Workshop

Important and Celebrated Individual Encounters 

Venue: Sutro Room, Trinity College, Oxford University
Date: Saturday, February 27, 2016

Research Questions

The second theme investigates collaborations between members of colleges, academies, and universities. How do letter exchanges and personal papers help to describe individual collaborations? Do they define types of teacher-student relations, collegiate rivalries or give hints about the exchange of books, objects and common interests? Was there a gender barrier, and was it overcome?

Provisional Programme (please watch this space for changes!)

From 10:00: Coffee

10:15-10:20: Welcome and Introduction (organisers)


Andrea Carlino (University of Geneva)

Benedetto Varchi and Andreas Vesalius: Friendship, Scholarship and Job Market in Mid-Sixteenth Century Italy


Ian Maclean (University of Oxford)

The early institutional interactions of Germany’s ‘Academia Naturae curiosorum’



Laurence Brockliss (University of Oxford)

Visitors to Oxford

12:35-13:00: Peter Davidson (University of Oxford)

Book Presentation:

The Celebrated Museum of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus: A fascimile of the 1678 Amsterdam edition of Giorgio de Sepi’s description of Athanasius Kircher’s Museum (Stonyhurst: St. Omers Press; Philadelphia: SJU, 2015)



Elizabeth Sandis (University of Oxford)

Collegiate Communities and The Freshman’s Orders in the 1620s: How One Year Group of Undergraduates Welcomed the Next


Anthony Grafton (Princeton)

Oxford and Cambridge in Confrontation: the Messrs Caius and the Early History of the Universities


15:50-16:30: Michael Hunter (Birkbeck, University of London)

Archibald Pitcairne and Isaac Newton: A Momentous Individual Encounter, 2-3 March 1692

16:30-17:10: Hilary Perraton (Cambridge University)

Foreign Students of the British Isles 1500-1750: A Proposed Typology of Encounters

Followed by Discussion (Plenum)



John Brewer, History and Literature, CalTech
Laurence Brockliss, History, University of Oxford
Désirée Cappa, Renaissance Studies, Warburg Institute
Andrea Carlino, History of Medicine, University of Geneva
Peter Davidson, English, University of Oxford
Anna Gialdini, University of the Arts, London
Anja-Silvia Goeing, History, Northumbria/Zurich
Anthony Grafton, History, Princeton University
Emily Hansen, History, University of York
Michael Hunter, History, Birkbeck, University of London
Dmitri Levitin, History, University of Oxford
Ian Maclean, History, University of Oxford
Glyn Parry, History, Roehampton University
Hilary Perraton, Higher Education, Cambridge University
Nicole Reinhardt, History, Durham University
Elizabeth Sandis, Literature, Oxford University
Oscar Schiavone, Italian Studies, UCL
Richard Serjeantson, History, Cambridge University

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