10 October 2015 (Politics)


Gate of Agnietenkapel (St. Agnes Chapel) on Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam. Entrance to the Athenaeum Illustre, Amsterdam’s illustrious school founded in 1631, today University of Amsterdam.
Photo: Ivhertum (public domain)





First Workshop

Politics of Interaction: Colleges, Academies and Universities

Venue: Northumbria University, Sutherland Building, Boardroom I

Date: 10 October 2015, 10:00 to 17:30; Workshop Dinner 9 October 2015 at Derwent Manor

Research Questions

National and civic politics conditioned collaborations between different institutions of higher learning. Who was responsible for setting up and maintaining regulations and control of these exchanges? Were goals of the collaborations explained and discussed in governing bodies inside and outside the institutions in question? Did the manner in which professors were selected influence the scope and character of institutions? How relevant were school regulations about admission and scholarships for multi-institutional careers of students? Were schools, academies and universities free to choose other institutions to collaborate with? How did scholars, philosophers and scientists consider memberships in different academies, and how did this help to connect the institutional bodies? Did changing collaborations induce curriculum changes?


From 10:00: Coffee

10:15-10:55: Andreas Sohn (Université de Paris XIII – Sorbonne Paris Cité)

The Colleges and University of Paris, Professors/Teachers and Students, Religion and Politics. Some Remarks on the History of Europe in the 15th Century

10:55-11:35: Willem Frijhoff (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

A Multifaceted Educational Landscape: the Dutch and their Schools in and outside the Dutch Republic


11:45-12:25: Karine Crousaz (University of Lausanne)

The Role of Swiss Political, Religious, and Academic Authorities in Student Mobility during the Sixteenth Century

12:25-13:05: Anja-Silvia Goeing (Northumbria University)

The Politics of Scholarships in Early Modern Europe


13:40-14:10: Glyn Parry (University of Roehampton)

English Politics and the Politics of Mathematics Education

14:10-14:50: David Lines (University of Warwick)

Institutions of Learning and Their Cultural/Political Interactions in Bologna, c. 1550-1750


15.00-15:40: Simone Testa (European University Institute, San Domenico di Fiesole)

Geography, Politics, and Diplomacy in the Accademia Veneziana: Bibliography, Prosopography, and Networks

15:40-16:20: Thomas O’Connor (Maynooth University)

The Role of Universities and Seminaries in the Provision of Early Modern Irish Catholic Clergy

16:20-17:00: Yari Perez-Marin (Durham University)

The Circulation of Knowledge in Early Colonial New Spain: A Plural Landscape

Followed by: Conclusive Remarks (Everybody)

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